Best InMotion Hosting vs SiteGround Reviews in 2018 For WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and More!!!

By Aaron | Last Updated Feb 19th, 2019

If you have narrowed down your search of an optimal web host to Inmotion and Siteground, let us save you some work.  

These two companies are well established and offer premium quality services. They are pretty responsive when it comes to speed, performance, scale, and security.  

Both their users give them an excellent score as they go the extra mile for client satisfaction.  When it comes to scaling businesses, they are both leaders. Both of these companies are good at what they offer, but our winner is SiteGround.

4.8 / 5
4.8 / 5
4.7 / 5
4.9 / 5
Page Speed Test
1.39 seconds (avg)
3.54 seconds (avg)
Reseller Hosting
4.9 / 5
4.7 / 5
Customer Support
5 / 5
4.9 / 5
Malware Secruity
4.9 / 5
4.7 / 5
Choose Hosting
Category ` Desciption Category Winner


5 out 5


4.7 out 5

They both have a huge customer base and their support team is the best of the best. So, if you are looking for a fast and reliable customer service, either one will make you as happy as can be, but overall SiteGround is the superior platform. If you’re not convinced why SiteGround is superior, then stick around for the in-depth tests & reviews below Read more.

SiteGround VS InMotion In 2019

InMotion VS SiteGround for WordPress Review

Winner: SiteGround

SiteGround has made it very easy for you to install and get your WordPress up and running.  It is all about being friendly to you and your small company. As a user, you get unlimited emails, Cloudflare CDN, cPanel license, and site transfer. 

In simple terms, you are several clicks away from running a smooth WordPress site. InMotion is a solid and established WordPress host service. It is built on an all-SSD infrastructure. Keeping your budget and level of expertise in mind, they offer three different levels to their WordPress hosting offering. Each package also includes unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and free data backups for data security.


  • 1-click install and setup and free WordPress transfer
  • 3 caching levels and free CDN
  • Automatic updates of core and plugins
  • Free WordPress setup wizard


  • NGINX server caching
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Theme, core, and plugin updates is optional

SG WordPress hosting also features auto updates to the plugins and core, so you are covered there. It also features WordPress caching built-in, which is something that we would have loved to see in IM given the modern hardware they use. However, one of their top offerings (of the three they offer) allows unlimited installs for WordPress, which we actually love.

Our Verdict:  The winner here is SiteGround.

Siteground GoGeek vs InMotion VPS 

Winner: InMotion

With VPS hosting, SG does things differently but InMo has the most attractive VPS hosting plans you will see. You will hardly find anything like them. InMotion offers free SSD drives and backups, premium management software, all in a high-class VPS hardware.

SiteGround, which is a company used to building up their own software from the ground up, they did not do differently with their VPS hosting. Their network is not your typical VPS, but instead, they built their own cloud platform. According to their president, the software, which includes shell access, is much more scalable.   


  • Own cloud hosting with super fast scalability and performance
  • SuperCacher, which allows your site to run smoothly everywhere
  • 1-click install for most popular CMSs
  • Dedicated IP address


  • A cloud infrastructure powering real-time redundancy
  • Free server management
  • Free SSDs and SSL certificates This guarantees a faster and secure hosting.
  • You get 50% off the first month with discounts throughout the year.

SG makes a good case when it comes to ensuring security through the creation of over 70 kernel patches. IM’s plans each come with free SSD storage arranged in Raid 6. This makes it really fast and secure. They really make a commitment to speed here, so you can trust an incredibly fast and secure VPS hosting. 

InMotion, being in the market for over 14 years, has a solid record when it comes to VPS hosting. Their plans equip you with a great amount of RAM, which is pretty cool given the cost.  

So when it comes to speed for VPS hosting, InMo really makes a run for their money. SiteGround’s own software is flexible, especially when it comes to scalability.  Building their own software to provide elite services proves that SG is committed to providing effective solutions in very little time.

InMotion is a great option for VPS hosting if you are in search of great hardware and the option for reselling. SiteGround offers you the security of managing their own-made technology, guaranteeing fast answers and effective solutions.  

Our Verdict: The two host companies offer great VPS hosting so this is a close one but the winner this time is InMotion. 

InMotion Hosting vs SiteGround Reseller

Winner: SiteGround

Reselling is a great option offered especially by InMotion given that each one of their plans comes with Web Host Management (WHM) software. 

This means that you are able to easily handle any unused server resource. But let’s take a much closer look to the many reselling features both of these companies have to offer. 


Some of the main features that IM offer for those planning on making some dough by reselling and hosting their own clients are:

  • Help with the transfer of your sites.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, which gives you peace of mind.
  • A world-class customer support.

• R-1000S: $13.99/month

• R-2000S: $19.99/month

• R-3000S: $27.49/month

• Reseller VPS-1000: $39.99/month

• Reseller VPS-2000: $59.99/month

• Reseller VPS-3000:$84.99/month


SG’s reselling plans work with what they call reseller credits. If you want to become a reseller, you have to buy at least 5 reseller credits. With one reseller credit, you get 1 year of hosting services. 

Of course, you may renew as many reseller credits as you want. Each credit is worth $45 each if you buy 5-10. The price lowers to $42 if you buy 11 or more.  

SiteGround’s resellable program is, in this way, built to be pretty flexible but it seems to be a bit binding. However, your clients enjoy all the security and performance backed up by constant monitoring of potential issues. 

Did you Know?

Reseller credits never expire and you can use them whenever they are needed. The reseller packs system perhaps require you to have a good business dexterity to be able to get an important return on investment. 

Our verdict between these two when it comes to reselling is InMotion, due to their effective support and flexibility. 

SiteGround Vs Inmotion Page Speed Test

Winner: SiteGround

Site speed has proven to be a real game-changer when it comes to deciding which site to go with. Hosting companies go a long way to offer the best hosting speed.  


Their approaches however differ and each one aims towards what they believe is the best way to get those sites running at high speeds.  

 After performing our test with both host companies, we got results that made SiteGround a clear winner. To remove any unwanted variables, the two sites tested had very close sizes (SiteGround was tested on a 749.0 Kb page and InMotion was tested on a 948.8 kB page.  These are the results we got: 


Seconds (s)

SG had an average website speed of 1.39 seconds.


Seconds (s)

InMotion had an average website speed of 3.54 seconds. 

In the case of SiteGround, one very interesting feature is SuperCacher, which enhances loading speed no matter where in the world a hosted site gets opened. 

This is because instead of having to put together the site again every time somebody opens it, it has a cached copy of it, all ready to be displayed and updated, all of which takes less time. 

 Besides this, SG focuses on three leading software scripts: WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. This has allowed them to focus on superior performance. 

But InMotion also plays a strong game when it comes to speed too. The technology they used is called Max Speed Zone. This tech allows them to offer better connectivity through their servers located in the east and west coast of the United States. 

Our verdict is clear here as SiteGround takes the lead. Consider the fact that SG has servers in three continents and InMotion only has servers in the east and west coast of the United States.  .

Customer Support Comparison

Winner: Draw

If speed is one of the first features to look at when choosing a web hosting service, customer support is important as it really goes a long way into ranking the overall quality of the service. Both SiteGround and InMotion know this very well and they have both gone above and beyond to offer their best customer service.  

SiteGround has made a name for itself by providing world-class technical support.  We tested the chat and our response was superb-under 1 minute we had an agent on support. Just like InMo, they also have an email ticketing system and phone call.  

InMotion offers Premium Technical Support.  Clients can approach their technicians through chat, e-mail ticketing, or through the phone. They also have a huge FAQ section with most common questions and issues that have been reported by the community.  

As we said earlier, both of these companies are aware of how much customer support is appreciated by clients. Because of this, they have put special effort on keeping technical support as seamless as possible. This is why we will call it a very close draw.  

Malware Security Comparison

Winner: SiteGround

To rank these companies based on their malware security, we first need to know and understand how they handle security because, again, they do things differently. Sometimes, systems can be affected by a breach of malware, many times caused by another user within the same server. Let’s begin with taking a look at how SiteGround deals with potential threats.  

SiteGround, as we have pointed out before, uses its own cloud technology to deal with things.  

Here’s What I mean:

They were the first ones to implement a unique server isolation mechanism that protects servers from being affected by one single user. So, they are actively monitoring and solving security exploits almost instantly. 

This is pretty impressive given that most host companies can take up to 40 minutes to detect and destroy malware. Besides this, SG also offers other malware security options such as Pro-Active Server Monitoring, Anti Bot AI, and Free Encrypt SSL. 

InMotion comes with a free SSL and free data backups. All of their plans include rollback, spam, and malware protection. 

Years of experience in the market allow this company to guarantee that mails, files, and database are secure. 

All WordPress managed plans can install a really secure security plugin and scan for any malware or other threats. 

Reseller accounts get the extra security of what they call IP Deny Manager, as well as Hotlink protection, and password-protected directories. When it comes to dedicated servers, common hacking attacks are prevented by an Advanced Policy Firewall.

Verdict: Its top-notch security measures thas squashes any bugs even before they come out their hole, we will say that SiteGround takes the win over here. 

SiteGround or InMotion (Final Thoughts)

If you were to choose between any of the two, you cannot go wrong with your choice. Both of these web hosting companies rank highest when it comes to the most important variables.  They both have a huge customer base and their support team is the best of the best. So, if you are looking for a fast and reliable customer service, either one will make you as happy as can be.  

Everything from WordPress-specific solutions to SSD software is offered by these two great companies. 

Now if we had to absolutely choose between these two companies, we would definitively go with SiteGround. Granted, their money-back guarantee policy is not as generous as that one from most websites. 

Also goes hand & hand with SiteGround providing you with free premium Joomla designs, however If you are still on the fence deciding on which one of fits you best, check out our review on HostGator vs Godaddy WordPress review before deciding. Remember that our advice is always to go for the one you believe will seriously make a difference for your business.