Sling TV Rolling Out Fresh & Updated App Experience

The “sling tv update 2020” is a new and updated app experience that is rolling out to Sling TV customers. The new interface will provide you with more content, easier navigation, and a better overall experience.

Sling TV’s refreshed app experience is now available to all users, bringing a new design that makes streaming easier than ever. Users can watch their favorite channels in the living room or on mobile devices with greater ease. Sling TV also announced it will be launching its own original content this summer through the newly designed app.

In order to enhance the overall user experience, Sling TV has begun rolling out a new app interface with an updated design. The new appearance and increased functionality are presently only accessible to a limited number of customers, but this is likely to change in the near future, and all Sling TV subscribers in the United States will soon have access to it.


Sling TV has remained one of the most popular live TV providers, with over two million members now receiving live TV channels. While it is less expensive than many other services, it does come with certain drawbacks. One of those sacrifices, however, was the user experience design, with a UI that may be regarded antiquated in comparison to other live TV streaming services.

Sling TV, on the other hand, seems to be addressing this issue with the introduction of a new and improved app user experience. Sling TV has announced that the new design has begun rolling out in beta, but exclusively to Amazon Fire TV subscribers for the time being. Over the course of this year, it is planned to be rolled out to more platforms and devices.


Multiple aspects of the app experience have been updated as a consequence of the new design, with the goal of making the interface simpler to use and navigate. The primary app menu has been repositioned from the top of the screen to the side, which is one of the most noticeable changes. However, this is merely the beginning of the transformation.

What should you anticipate from the new design?

The home page has been revamped, with bigger thumbnails and an emphasis on presenting information that’s been specially selected for the user. Similar modifications have been made to the live TV guide, resulting in a cleaner appearance, bigger thumbnails for listings, and a faster ability to record episodes and movies.

Sling TV’s cloud DVR was just enhanced, giving all members free access to 50 hours of recording capacity. Subscribers will benefit from an upgraded DVR area that is also simpler to reach from the main menu, thanks to the new style and design. Upgrades have also been made to the on-demand section as well as the overall search feature. Both of these features have been created to make it faster and simpler to find and start streaming content that the subscriber is interested in.

Overall, the mentioned modifications seem to have a significant impact on how the Sling TV interface functions and feels. Despite the fact that Sling TV will continue to be a cheaper alternative than other live TV streaming services once it is completely implemented, the app experience will not seem like a sacrifice in exchange for the lower price.

Sling is the source.


The “how do i reset sling tv” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is simple, you need to turn off your device and then turn it back on again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downside of Sling TV?

A: There are no downside to this service.

Why is sling streaming so bad?

A: There are many reasons this could be happening. For one, sling is an older program that has not been updated to meet the ever changing needs of streaming services. Secondly, the service may have a poor connection due to location or limited bandwidth. Lastly, your internet speed might just be too high for it to stream smoothly without buffering pauses throughout playback

Why did sling change its format?

A: Sling is a company that deals in online video streaming. They have recently changed their format from being an internet-only service to also having a stand alone app for mobile devices and smart TVs.

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